DS to fab house

Load project

Output -> Manufacturing Plots


If you have no Outline set then do:

Add plot button at top of box
– Type: Gerber
– Plot Name: Outline
– Plot Type: Outline

Layers Tab
– Double click [Board Outline]


Tick “Bottom Solder Resist”

Click “Drill Data – Through Hole”
Output Tab -> Click “Device Setup”
Untick “Seperate Files for Plated & Unplated Holes”

Click Run

Go to folder of export (check the txt file that loads for location)

Rename the following files:

“Project – Top Copper.gbr”
-> “Project – Top Copper.gtl”
“Project – Bottom Copper.gbr”
-> “Project – Bottom Copper.gbl”

“Project – Top Solder Resist.gbr”
-> “Project – Top Solder Resist.gts”
“Project – Bottom Solder Resist.gbr”
-> “Project – Bottom Solder Resist.gbs”

“Project – Top Silk.gbr”
-> “Project – Top Silk.gto”
“Project – Bottom Silk.gbr”
-> “Project – Bottom Silk.gbo”

“Project – Outline.gbr”
-> “Project – Outline.gko”

“Project – Drill Data – Through Hole.drl”
-> “Project – Drill Data – Through Hole.xln”

Now zip up those files and upload to oshpark.com to check it looks good

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I’m currently working on updating the site, making it more useful for anything Raspberry Pi and Arduino related, as well as allow documentation for any new projects I’m doing.

Please bear with me, and during this time, I will try and keep as much online as possible.